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Professor Enoch Young‭, ‬BBS

Honorary President‭ (‬Hong Kong‭ - ‬Continuing Education‭)‬

2009 Honorary University Fellow, HKU


2006 World Outstanding Chinese Award Special Advisor and Director Emeritus of HKU SPACE


Vice-president, UNESCO Hong Kong Association


Vice-chairman, Han Academy


Director for HKU SPACE (1997-2008)

The converging of Higher & Continuing Education into a ‘Lifelong Education Paradigm’ has started since the beginning of the 21st century.  This convergence has resulted in benefiting learners in terms of greater access & varieties, also greater benefits to the society in terms of human resources capacity building. 

The Future Trend in Education


I had worked in the higher and continuing education and life-long learning sector my entire life.


The emerge of life-long education makes the binary line between Higher Education & Continuing Education disappearing.


Nowadays, life-long learning is a term that has already appeared in all mission statements of universities. However, the understanding of the importance of life-long learning plus the challenges in this rapidly changing world has made university fresh graduates realized they need not only study life-long, they need to be “professional” as well.


The program offered by ICMA is a comprehensive series designed with 18 progressive courses suitable for learners from undergraduate to post-graduate levels. While the “Registered Cost Accountant (RCA)” and “Registered Business Accountant (RBA)” courses are mainly designed for undergraduates, the “Graduate Management Accountant (GBA)” and “Certified Management Accountant (CMA)” courses are designed for university graduate degree qualification;  those with higher academic qualifications and who have had substantial work experience at management levels in business, financial and accounting industries can be exempted from studying to up to 16 courses. Upon completion of required courses, students shall be eligible to apply for the professional title of “Certified Management Accountants” - a valuable professional qualification to gain for executives who wish to step up to management positions.

“Hong Kong – GBA Synergy” - Opportunities for Hong Kong Education Bodies

The Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) which was launched by the Central Government in February 2019 has created immense business and career opportunities for Hong Kong young professionals.  Adequate provision and constant upgrading of human resources were the keys to the sustainable development of the GBA into a vibrant and prosperous region with high-tech and modern service industries.  This is where Hong Kong higher education can contribute to the human resources upgrading in the Greater Bay Area.  Through creating synergy by partnering with the educational institutions in the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong education stakeholders, including universities, enterprises, research institutes and professional education bodies should collaborate to develop a qualification framework suitable for the whole GBA and to greatly expand high level professional education provision, cater for the special needs of GBA.

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