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Mr. Dominic Chan

Honorary Chairman‭ (‬Hong Kong‭), ‬CMA Australia

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.


Director of Envestra Limited in Australia

Former Director of Spark Infrastructure Group in Australia

Self-improvement helps strengthen your Accounting Profession

People always misconceived accounting as being boring. Professional accounting is in fact a profession full of challenges, especially in a highly volatile and changing global economic environment. Besides managing corporate finance, an accounting professional also needs to make appropriate recommendations to management based on financial data and analysis.

Accounting Profession as a Long-term Career Development

No matter how the global economic climates change, accounting as a profession will always grow steadily, as such accountants should keep on adding value to consolidate their competitive edge. Courses offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (ICMA) is one short-cut to help accountants strengthen their advantage, by taking the CMA courses one can become a Certified Management Accountant in as short as 6 months.


Accounting is a professional knowledge where an undergraduate student can participate in its professional qualification examinations. Once you are qualified as an accountant, you can either work in an accounting firm, or join companies in other fields such as finance, real estate, construction, IT, and so on, all industries require accounting professionals, there’s a lot of rooms for development.


In the past decade, we have gone through lots of global financial crisis and many industries were deeply affected; yet these crises have brought more good than bad to the accounting industry; accounting as a profession now has more opportunities with the speedy growth of the China market. With the upgrading of professional levels of local Chinese accountants, in order to maintain our competitive edge and long-term development, Hong Kong accountants should also keep on adding values.


Further Education Widens Ones Vision and Connection


International Accounting standards update from time to time to meet the needs of changes in business environment, continuous education is necessary for accountants to meet the challenges at work. Through taking the CMA program, one will learn about cost analysis, budget planning, capital management, short and long term decisions, and other professional knowledge of management accounting, one also has the chance to meet with administrators and professionals from various industries, with exchange of management experience, besides widening one’s vision and network, this will also be helpful for the long-term career development.


After so many years working in accounting and finance fields, may I advise new comers that they should overcome the routine work at the beginning stage of their accounting career, for this is a solid foundation for future development. After that, you will need diligence, focus, and hard-working attitudes to achieve success in this field.

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