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Dr‭. ‬Dennis Tam

Chairman (Greater China), CMA Australia

President and CEO of Black Spade Capital Limited


Former Group Finance Director and Head of Human Resources & Administration of Melco International Development Limited

CMA Programs - Tools and Platforms for Business People

As a city of opportunities, Hong Kong is a natural magnet for attracting the bright minds of CMAs from around the world. I am honored to be the Chairman of the Board of CMA Australia - Greater China. Our Board is committed to bringing this community together and working to advance the development of management accounting education in the region.

Management Accountants are forward-thinkers

Looking back at the time when I received my CMA Australia designation, I appreciate how it has given me, and countless others, a solid foundation and an extensive knowledge network to tap into. These tools and platforms for growth challenge us to broaden our perspective as business professionals and teach our members the importance of seeing the bigger macro picture. Management accounting is not just about accounting, but about utilizing the accounting knowledge to make comprehensive management judgment on strategy and development. The strong emphasis on value creation allows CMAs to make impactful decisions while learning invaluable and transferable skills in the process. It is these abilities that make CMAs instrumental business leaders in all respective industries.


We train business professionals, not just accountants


The essential differences between financial accountants and management accountants can be listed as follows:


  • Financial accountants provide information to stakeholders external to the company about how the value was generated in the past, whilst management accountants provide information to internal managers as to how to create value in the future.


  • Financial accountants prepare reports that are primarily used by persons external to the company such as stockholders, tax professionals and lenders. The reports show concrete numbers, as well as past mistakes and achievements. These documents are objective, factual and avoid projections.


  • Management accounting reports provide their recipients with benefits that are unique to each format and use the achievements of the past to provide estimates and insights into what might happen in the future. A manager needs projections and would rather use estimates on what will happen than reports on what has already happened because of the ever-changing financial terrain in business.

The ICMA is an outstanding education body for the management accounting profession.  In keeping with this long and proud tradition of excellence, this Board will continue to serve the Greater China CMA community and provide support and resources to current and prospective members.

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