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Mr. Andy Li

Honorary President, (Heng Qin & Macau), CMA Australia

Chief Financial Officer of the Crystal Group Limited


Former Chief Financial Officer of Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited

Management Accounting Enhances Analytical Precision and Decision-making Capacity

In this ever-changing market, business decision on positioning should be a synergy of all financial data. No matter how skillful in management, one must know how to read a company’s figures, to deploy data to various analysis, even to precisely calculate products/services’ costs. These are the areas of accounting management.

A “Must” Qualification for Management Executives

The professional qualification of the Institute of Management Accountants (ICMA Australia) is designed specifically for corporate management executives, to help them blend management accounting knowledge into daily operations and to control costs. The fact that many management executives in Hong Kong are lacking accounting background may lead to big challenges in the course of operation. Yet with good management accounting knowledge, one can empower oneself to harness all kinds of market challenges.


From my personal experience, though with years of accounting experience, the professional qualification of Certified Management Accountant has been a great help to my work, especially with the 2 courses of “Strategic Cost Management” and “Strategic Business Analysis” which focus on both theories and practice have helped me overcome challenges at work. “Strategic Cost Management” teaches ways to manage costs, through group projects and case studies in class students will learn the best way to apply these knowledge to their own companies; “Strategic Business Analysis” helps fuse management accounting with marketing and promotion, human resources, production, and other areas of business, is aimed for designing the most suitable business strategy.


CMA qualification not only adds value to executives of big corporations, it also enhances competitiveness of SME executives. SME accounts for over 90% of companies in Hong Kong, though many have set up accounting division for cashier and bookkeeping, yet they don’t have professionals to handle cost accounting, as many are done by the bosses or CEOs; with acquiring CMA’s professional training these companies can benefit a lot in their business decision and operation.


Acquiring CMA Australia’s professional qualification can also open one’s personal network. CMA Australia now has over 30 regional offices worldwide; the Hong Kong Office has over 4,000 members from different industries and with various professional backgrounds. The ICMA Hong Kong Branch has also set up over 50 committees catering for the interests of members of different industries. ICMA Hong Kong Office hosts meetings and events on regular basis for members to meet and exchange views and interests. Through events and seminars members can learn from each other, get to know elites of other industries, expand their connection, and inspire new ideas. There is no doubt that people acknowledge CMA’s membership network being most precious.

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