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Professor Allen Wong

Honorary President, (Heng Qin & Macau), CMA Australia

Senior Vice President - Global


Founding President & Chief Executive - Greater China CMA Australia

CMA Australia - Moving Forward to Face the World

Established some 26 years ago, CMA Australia is a professional management educational body with over 20,000 members worldwide.  Since the official opening of the CMA Hong Kong Branch in 2010, we have made remarkable achievement in 12 years’ time by recruiting over 4,000 professionals as members and set up over 50 committees catered for the needs of different industries.

The 2 recently established committees of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and “Greater Bay Area”, in echo to national policy aiming to provide more career opportunities for our young members, have successfully strengthened our corporate image and influence in the China market and have received lots of positive response.


Besides as CEO of CMA Hong Kong Branch and Chief Executive of Greater China Region, I am also honored to be the Senior Vice President of Institute of Public Accountants (ASEAN Region), Deputy President, IPA Hong Kong and Macau Branch Council, Divisional General Manager, IPA Hong Kong and Macau, Guest Professor of General Education and Development Advisor of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, the Guest Professor and Honorary Advisor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Associate Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Corps Vice President of St. John Ambulance, as well as the Senior Chief Supervisor of Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol; all the above provide me great resources to offer to young people who seek for upstreaming opportunities.


We offer regular CMA curriculums which comprise of 18 carefully designed programs for members to follow the academic pathways in gaining the title of Certified Management Accountants. Some programs can be exempted according to individual’s qualification and experience; as such a qualified member may be ready to become a Certified Management Accountant in as short as 6 months.


CMA positions its development on a global basis; we are constantly exploring new opportunities to collaborate with various institutions/organizations for cross-over experience for our members in forms of inter-educational and inter-cultural exchange among institutions in ASEAN, North American and European countries.  We also work with the following world acclaimed educational institutions to create platforms for acquisition of broader and higher professional knowledge for our members and graduates:


- Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

- Shanghai Jiao Tong University

- Institute of Public Accountants


Moving forward, CMA Australia Hong Kong Branch is ready to power up our presence in Mainland China and the international markets, also expanding our coverage to different business sectors.

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