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Mr‭. ‬Allen Lau

Honorary President‭ (‬Greater China‭), ‬CMA Australia

National Assurance Leader of Capital Market Services Group (CMSG), Deloitte China

CMA Australia - Pooling Resources from Professionals of all Industries

I am privileged to be Honorary President to witness the growth of CMA Australia Hong Kong Office. Over the years, CMA Australia Hong Kong is dedicated to the training of management accountants who have contributed substantively to development and transformation of this dynamic market.

Management Accountants are forward-thinkers

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) definition, a financial accountant is a person who prepares financial statements that report on how an organization has performed in the recent past and may undertake audits to ensure the veracity of those statements.


This is very different to the role of the management accountant, who provides the support managers need by preparing and presenting financial and other decision oriented information, and to make critical financial and operating decisions that can assist management to formulate policies and control business operations in the future. They do this by first analyzing and interpreting “the numbers” then communicating the information that is relevant to their manager “clients”, to create value in the organization.


As one of the leading accounting bodies, CMA Australia Hong Kong is committed to the research of management accounting theory, including but not limited to information management, treasury and marketing. In partnership with both private and public sectors in Hong Kong, the institute holds regular conferences to disseminate knowledge in management accounting.


In addition, the CMA platform is an invaluable asset for members to establish relationship with potential strategic business partners under our strong members’ network. As many CMA senior members and advisors are top management and executives from a wide spectrum of businesses, they shall help elevate our members’ horizon and open up more career prospects for them.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our advisors, committees and fellow members for their continuous support to CMA Australia Hong Kong. I also hold high hopes for our CMA Australia Hong Kong Committees, which comprise of professionals from a wide spectrum of industries, including education, insurance and finance, hospitality, tourism, real estate, IT, retail, trading, public services, and many others.


Leveraging the experience from our committee members, CMA Australia Hong Kong will continue to serve as an important platform for knowledge sharing not only among its members but the wider business community in Hong Kong.

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