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The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (Hong Kong Branch) was founded in 2010. The Institute is also an examining body and members are required to pass examinations and have relevant work experience prior to describing themselves as ‘Certified Management Accountants’. Business organizations are also accredited by the Institute as providing suitable training and experiential programs for prospective members to obtain necessary qualifications for membership.


Our mission is to provide professional education for members and students to meet their business needs in Hong Kong and the  Mainland China. The Institute focuses on providing for members and graduates sufficient development in managerial and accounting fields.


Our vision is to attain the status of a premier body of professionals practising the science of management accounting.


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We are a professional examining body and a membership body. Members are required to pass examinations and have relevant work experience prior to attaining the CMA qualification


We partners with over 100 accredited University Programs to create an awareness of some current developments in the profession.


We established 17 branches and centres in Australia and globally. These branches and centres will serve as the hub for member services in the region, as well as cores for future development and discussion of the profession.


We partner with business organisations by accrediting organisations as providers of recognised training and experience programs for prospective members to obtain their experience requirements for membership.


In grooming future professional management accountants, we are interested in forward-looking and taking decisions that will affect the future of the organization


Our recognition arrangements with other prominent professional bodies give you professional mobility and multi-specialisation recognition.

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CMA Program

The CMA program is the flagship program of the ICMA. On completion, participants will have developed advanced skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of strategic cost and management accounting and business analysis; and, in the process, obtained an in-depth awareness of the current developments in the profession.

The programme can only be taken by a Graduate or Associate member of the Institute; or a student member who has met the pre-requisite entry requirements of the program.

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CMA Hong Kong Branch - Member Service Centre 12/F, Tai Yip Building,141 Thomson Road Wanchai, Hong Kong

+852 2574 1555

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For any general or member service related enquiries please contact

Monday – Friday

10:00am - 5:30pm

+852 2574 1555

CMA Hong Kong Branch - Member Service Centre

12/F, Tai Yip Building,

141 Thomson Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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